Thursday, January 11, 2018

Happy New Year!

Happy 2018!
Here we are with a brand new year! The holidays were crazy busy - I was sending babies all over the world - including Singapore and Israel! It was exciting to think about all the new mommies that would be waking up Christmas morning to new babies to love. I have received many photos from Christmas morning but I don't have permission to post them as of  yet. Some are on my facebook nursery page - I got the ok on that. 

This month has started off slow but it was expected. At the moment I have 5 babies available and 3 work in progress so I will have a nursery full! That just gives me a chance to dress them up and have fun with them myself. 

In the nursery...all available at the moment

By the weekend there will be 3 more to add to the nursery! I am going to need a bigger crib!

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