Thursday, June 26, 2014

Vote For Opie - Modern Dog Magazine

I entered Opie, my American Bulldog - in Modern Dog  Magazine. We would love to see him on the cover! You can vote once every 12 hours~


Here are some pictures of my little sweet heart. Isn't he a cutie?

 He is 19 weeks old. Very smart - he can follow the commands of: Sit, Lay Down, Shake Paw, High Five, Rollover, Go Get it, Bring it, and Speak.
He is completely house broken - he goes to the door and sits on the welcome mat and barks to go out. We begin obedience classes this weekend. His biggest issues are playing too rough and coming when called every time. He is 34 pounds and we just love him.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Month After the Vilonia Arkansas Tornado

It was one month ago on May 27th that the tornado ripped through my hometown of Vilonia, Arkansas. People back home are still trying to pick up the pieces of what is left of their lives and put them back together again. Some have decided not to rebuild but to move on. Several businesses have made the decision not to rebuild or reopen their businesses. Sad for the small town. They need the small town businesses. 
My son and his family are one of the lucky blessed ones. They have good insurance, they had a lot of people donating money, gift cards, food, clothing, etc. They had a friend who just happened to have an empty trailer they could live in until they could buy a house. They had just put their home up for sale before the tornado and had found a home they wanted to buy in a neighboring farm town and now they will be able to do that. So many people are still living in hotels, doubled up with other families, even in tents. So sad. 

So it has been one month and on that one month anniversary what happens? We here in Houston are under a tornado warning and I am in my car driving to work. The wind is so forceful that my SUV is rocking at the stop light and the wind is whirling the traffic lights. I am just praying to get to my school so I can get out of the car and into the building where at least it is more safe. Our school is build for a category 4 hurricane. Then I hear on the radio that North Dakota was hit by a tornado at an oil field and my son WORKS in N.D. He had just gone back to work last week. I hear 9 people are injured. I reach my son and find out he is safe but the tornado was 20 miles away from where he was and they had evacuated. It was just too much for me. I managed to get in the building soaking wet of course (so much for an umbrella!) and then just broke down. I was literally shaking and crying and just a mess. 

Thank you, Lord - for keeping my family safe once again. I don't know what people do who don't know the Lord - I can get myself in a mess sometimes and I DO know Him. I can't imagine life without Him.

Friday, May 16, 2014

5 On Friday

I don't know why but this week seems super long. Maybe because we are on the countdown for the end of school. 16 more days! 

My 5 on Friday will be all about ------------------------------OPIE! My American Bulldog who is 3 months old and I have had him for one week and two days. Follow is blog here.

1. He is doing great! Clean bill of health by the vet - we go back June 1st for his next round of baby shots. He was SO good - didn't even flinch or whine when he got his shots. 

2. He is doing really well with Clicker training. He can "come", "sit" and "down". 

3. No potty accidents in the house SO FAR - knock wood!!!!!!

4. We found a chew bone he can not devour in 10 minutes! LOVE these! WHOL-LY COW!! 

5. My husband is actually enjoying him hanging out with him in the back yard when he is out there. He plays with him and really loves him. whewwwwww

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

HELLO Toothpaste and Mouthwash

The Toothpaste

I saw this toothpaste and mouthwash on the shelf at CVS Pharmacy and the packaging caught my eye right away. The flavor sounded pretty good so I thought I would give it a try. The packaging reads:

Fluoride Toothpaste
  • Anticavity Toothpaste That Helps Strengthen + Whiten Teeth
  • BPA-Free & Vegan
  • Meet Your New Squeeze
Let's be friends.
Hello™ naturally friendly™ anticavity toothpaste, meet your new squeeze.
Use as directed.
Never tested on animals.
Made in the Friendly USA


Active Ingredients: Sodium Fluoride 0.24% (0.15% w/v Fluoride Ion)

Inactive Ingredients: Sorbitol, Hydrated Silica, Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water, Xylitol, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Titanium Dioxide, Stevia

Besides being made in the USA - I liked everything I read about it. So how did it taste?

I like the pink grapefruit mint toothpaste ok - it isn't too sweet and it isn't sour at all. 

It averages around $6 a bottle which is a little on the high side in my opinion.

The Mouthwash

Seriously Friendly™
  • Swish + Greet Freely
  • Helps Clean, Freshen, Improve Dates
  • No Alcohol, Artificial Colors, Artificial Sweeteners, or Ouch
Let's be friends.
Hello™ naturally friendly™ mouthwash is your swish come true.
Never tested on animals.
Made in the Friendly USA

Purified Water , Vegetable Glycerin , Xylitol , Natural and Artificial Flavor , Poloxamer 407 , Polysorbate 80 , Citric Acid , Sodium Benzoate , Potassium Citrate

Again, I bought the pink grapefruit mint - I wasn't really impressed with the mouthwash at all. I didn't like the flavor, it tasted pretty weak. Maybe I am just used to the stronger mouthwash. 

It averages around $5.50 a bottle, also pretty high for the amount you are paying for.

Would I purchase them again? Probably not. The best thing about them is the cool packaging and being American made. 

*This is my personal opinion and I did not receive compensation in any form for my opinion.

Friday, May 9, 2014

A New Family Member - A New Blog

We are now the proud (pet) parents of an American Bulldog. He is 3 months old as of yesterday, born Feb. 8th. His name is Opie Slaid Graves and he is about the cutest thing ever. 
I have had house dogs all my life. None over the weight of 17 pounds. The smallest being 5 pounds. Opie weighs 17 pounds right now! We don't know how big he is going to get, but our guess is at least 70 pounds and probably closer to 90. He could be as much as 120! Time will tell!

Opie and I are writing a blog together - a post each day is the plan. With my help (of course ) the blog will be as seen through the eyes of Opie. There will be lots of photos and we will love to hear some of your tips on raising a BIG dog in your home. 

I hope you will check it out and follow us daily. You can check us out right HERE