Monday, January 25, 2016

Goddess Rain Lamp

Back in 1971, when I was 11 years old, my mom received a gift from her dad that was such a fascination for me. A Goddess Rain Lamp - it hung up in the corner of our living room for many years. When my mom and dad moved later on when I was grown and moved away, they built a house and the rain lamp was hung up in their bedroom but never used. It just gathered dust. Finally, at some point mom took it down and put it away.

Over the Christmas holidays,  for some reason, it came to my mind and I asked her about it and she showed me where it was. It hadn't been used in many years but we plugged it up and the light came on. The original bulb from 1971. It was covered in greasy dust but we boxed it up and I brought it home. I was so excited.
My husband worked on it right away - cleaning it perfectly. We added new oil and a new bulb and hung it up in our living room. 
It brings back some really good childhood memories. I don't know what it was about the lamp, but I always loved it.It's like it is a remembrance of my granddad that has been gone for many years now.  It is gaudy looking, but the vintage look is in. It wouldn't matter to me if it clashed with every thing in my house, I would still want to use it. In the condition it is in, I have seen them go anywhere from $150 - $250 - but I wouldn't take anything for it.

Watch the You Tube Video 

 Before photo

After Photo

After Photo

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fall of My Life

Today I was just driving in my car and it hit me. I am in the Fall of my life.

Somewhere in my memory bank I know I once heard that we are like seasons.
Spring - we are young children
Summer - we are young adults
Fall - we are mature adults
Winter - we are senior adults

I am now over 50 (not saying how much over) so I am in the Fall of my life. There are 4 living generations in my family and we have them all covered. My sweet grandangels are in Spring - My children (their parents) are Summer. I am Fall and my parents are Winter.
I love Fall - but when it pertains to my life - I am not sure how I feel.  It doesn't really matter, I am there. But I don't feel like Fall. I still feel like Summer. There are times here and there I even feel like Spring.

So when do I transition to Winter? When my parents are gone and I take their place? Hopefully that is years away.  I don't know - but I better enjoy Fall as long as I can.

Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away. James 4:14 (KJV)

4 Generations: My mom, me, my daughter & youngest grandangel.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It's Always Time To (Christmas) Shop!

Friends always comment on how organized I am. Around  September or October I will hear "I bet you already have your Christmas shopping done, right?" I will answer with "Yes, and wrapped, too!" They know me. What they don't know is that I start my Christmas shopping for the next year as soon as Christmas is over. I plan my Christmas theme so I can get the the decorations on sale. I buy size up clothing for all the grandangels. I plan my wrapping paper colors and buy them on clearance. 

So - here we are January 19th and what have I bought so far?
A  white Christmas tree so I can put my black one upstairs next year.
All denim and burlap and red ornaments for the white tree.
A big wreath that I can decorate myself.
My wrapping paper theme next year will be puppy dogs - so I have 6 cute rolls of Christmas wrap and bags with dogs on them. Too cute.
Denim and Burlap decorations for the mantel/hearth.
Christmas paper plates, cups, napkins. 

I will have 8 GrandAngels that will range in ages of 1 year to 17 years next Christmas.
I cleaned up on long sleeve shirts at Old Navy last week so 3 of them already have several gifts.
I have hit great clearance sales at Marshalls, Kohl's, Hobby Lobby, Burlington Coat Factory and Palais Royal, to name a few.
I have even found a couple of items for the hubs already. This gives me plenty of time to get some of their "wish" gifts, too.

I would stress like crazy if I waited until December to shop. I even have a couple of friends who wait until the last week! 
I stay away from Black Friday - I am usually completely done by then. 

I am never really out of the Christmas shopping mode - which is kind of fun, I think.

What is really fun is when I get ready to wrap - and I pull everything out of the spare closet or attic and most of the time it is a surprise for ME because I have forgotten what I bought early on. I love it.


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Super Photo

What a cool app! I am obsessed with it apparently. IF you haven't already stumbled upon it, you should give it a try. I am still doing the free version. Some of these photos may end up on canvas. I have gotten lots of compliments on them when I post them on Facebook. I have it downloaded on my Note ll and my iPad. 

Here are a few SUPER PHOTO SHOTS:


Recap of 2015

So...2015 -a LOT happened in 2015. We sold our house in ONE day and bought a bigger house with a bigger yard because Opie needed more space and we wanted to get away from the swimming pool. The market was crazy - we had 2 offers on our house within one hour of the listing! We were one of seven offers of the house we bought and had to go over the asking price by $11,000 to get it. CRAZY!
I traded my red 2013 Lincoln MKX for a Luxe 2016 Lincoln MKC. A little smaller but I like it. Not a whole lot of difference, but a few more bells and whistles.

I finished my Dog Training course so I am now certified although I have not officially gone in to business. I originally took the courses to be prepared for something to do once I retire in a few years but I may do some side training this summer. In the meantime, I help friends (free) and work with Opie. 

My daughter and son in law welcomed a new addition to their family. Ella Grace was born in October 2014 and adopted into our family. She is adorable and we just love her to pieces.
 We had another birth - Pearlie Mae - was born December 11th. This makes our 8th GrandAngel! Now they range from one month to 16 years. My son and daughter in law now have 4 daughters! Their oldest is 16 and up until Pearlie Mae, their youngest was 9. What an angel!
 I got to see Brooklyn (middle grandangel) play basketball a couple of times and she is really good. She was also Homecoming Princess so she crowned the new princess this year. Last year Alayna, my oldest grandangel was Homecoming Princess and she crowned Brooklyn! What a sight to see.

We took some cute Christmas photos with Opie and were able to have a tree this year! He has grown up enough that we were confident that it would remain upright and it did. Next year we plan to have 2 trees.

 Our Christmas was spent in Arkansas with my family. I actually stayed the week before since Pearlie Mae arrived just before Christmas.

So - those were the highlights of 2015. A good year for my family. A fun year. Hoping 2016 will be just as wonderful.

I know it has been a good while since I have blogged because I spend most of my blogging time working on Opie's  blog but I have decided to get back to this one. Actually Opie and I will share this one together. 
Opie will continue with his blog (with my help) - but he isn't going to hog this one!