Friday, September 21, 2018

Cradle Rock

We have been trying to come up with something that my husband can do once we retire. I have my retirement life planned out - as long as I am able -  I will be reborning. We plan to find a house on several acres of land in Arkansas - but he is going to have to find something to keep him busy, too. He loves woodworking. So - my idea was for him to make doll cradles - for starters - so he has made 2 for the youngest granddaughters for Christmas and he really enjoyed making them - they turned out really cute - I think the girls will enjoy them.

 Of course he will have to come up with a few other things - since one of my plans is to enter craft fairs and shows, I think the cradles will be a hit and at the very least - make a great way to display my babies.

I want him to make a couple more and we will see how it goes since Christmas is around the corner - it would be great if he could sell them and that would spur his interest in woodworking even more.

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