Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Babies Around The World

With Global Shipping - my babies have begun traveling all over the world. I have 3 out of the country now. France, Australia and Finland! I think it is so cool to know I have babies that I made making people happy all over the globe. With global shipping I just send the babies to the shipping center in Kentucky and the buyer pays the difference to them in sending it on, takes care of customs, etc. So for me it is just shipping right here in the good ole US of A. I like it!





Sunday, September 11, 2016

Letting Them Go

I have been asked many times now how do I let a reborn baby go after I make it? Well, sometimes it isn't easy - as will be the case with this one. I just love her. I think she looks like a little angel. Her hands and feet are just so cute. But, I guess knowing I can make whatever baby I want to for myself, helps me in letting them go. So far I have not had the desire to keep any that I have made - and as long as they keep selling, I guess I won't keep any. I have had some of them at least a couple of weeks before they sold, so I get a little "play time" with them. Plus I always have one or two as a "work in progress".

This baby girl will be finished tomorrow and up for adoption. I don't think she will take long to sell. She is just adorable!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Box Opening Video

This is my 2nd box opening video - and this is a sweetheart of a little girl that I made this one for. She is in love with him and takes such good care of him.

Reborn Box Opening

I made a Sleeping Kimberly reborn for her but she named him Kolton Michael-so he is a boy. I am so happy she enjoyed her box opening and it is so fun to watch these kinds of videos.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

This Is How We Do It

Love my set up! 
 I was going up and down the stair so many times since I kept my Nuwave oven there but my sweet husband went to Lowe's and found me these awesome carts and they couldn't be more perfect. I didn't want a long table - it is a spare bedroom and I still want it to be able to be used as such - and these are very portable and still look nice.There is actually another shelf you can put in, but this works best for me.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I Love My Happy Customers!

It always warms my heart to read the messages I get from people once they receive their Reborn babydolls. I want to share some of them as I don't ever want to forget them and this will be a perfect place to keep them.


Omg omg he is here!!! Took a peak at his packaging and it is beautiful. Can't open him completely up until daddy gets home but i am amazed thank you so much


 Adorable baby! He's perfect! Thank you for all the extra items! 


 Perfect! My daughter loves him! 


 Thank you! She is a very pretty little angel and  the box was so nice to open!


 She is absolutely perfect and so big! AMAZING!!!


I'm in LOVE!!! She is so sweet and perfect!


He is just what I expected. I will love him always.


You may be making me another one before long. He may need a baby sister! LOL cutest baby ever!


You are an amazing artist. Thank you for getting him to me so quickly, too.

This is my 3rd reborn doll and by far, my favorite. she is just so cute. thank you thank you!