Tuesday, July 24, 2018


I have been meaning to add the website that my babies are featured on for awhile now. I just haven't taken the time. It is a great website without fees for your sales. I love it. I probably get 75% of my sales through this site. 

The website is called and my specific page is Pittypat's Reborn Nursery

I am a gold member so my babies are featured regularly on the front page. There are literally thousands of Reborns on this site so I count it a blessing everytime one of mine is chosen for adoption.

At this writing, I have 7 babies up for adoption. I have over 130 babies listed that have been adopted. 

I hope you take the time to check it out - it is just another avenue for the reborn lover and collector.

Esmae - a limited edition that you can find on my website.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Vintage Baby Decor

I have been on a vintage kick lately in just decorating my house so I started picking up things here and there for my nursery and workshop. I love metal signs. I have found some super cute ones that look vintage but in reality are just made to look that way. Very cute, nonetheless. I am putting the metal signs on the outside of my workshop. 

Friday, April 27, 2018

A Few Babies To Catch Up

I realize I have not added quite a number of babies lately to my blog so I thought I would do that now. These are just some of the photos on my computer but I am sure I will be leaving some out.  I have had 2 babies go to Singapore and one to Indonesia in the last couple of months. 



Monday, April 2, 2018

Nursery Furniture - What A Bargain!

I had been looking for a white dresser for the reborn nursery and could not find a decent one under $300. I looked at flea markets, online varage sales and garage sales. If I found one I liked, it was already sold. I was about to give up and just buy one from IKEA or one of those cheapie websites. 

Someone advertised a white dresser, tall boy, nightstand, desk with hutch and chair for $400 and I really liked it but I didn't need all the furniture - I got in touch with them and they would not separate the pieces (I guess they thought they would miss one another?) Anyway - I passed on it - and then noticed they lowered the price to $375 and then $350 and then $325. They could not get any interest because they would not sell the bed that was also showing in the photos - nor would they separate. The seller says that they bought it all at Sears and had only had it a few months in a spare bedroom that no ones uses so they decided to turn it in a game room and no longer needed the furniture - it is in excellent condition. 

I kept my eye on it, tho. Then they lowered it all down to $275 and I thought to myself - why not have all the furniture?? Why not, indeed! I bought it  --- every piece. I love it. I have so many baby clothes and my closet is always totally full. That was the reason for wanting a dresser - but now I have plenty of drawer space - and it is just wonderful! 

Looks great, too!

Monday, February 26, 2018

What Goes In My Box Openings

This is a question I get asked by every person interested in adopting a reborn baby from me.  The items that go into the box are hand picked with that individual baby in mind. This is a super fun part of the process. I love baby clothes! I love dressing them! So I do try the clothes on the babies before making the decisions. I wrap each piece individually and tie a little plastic charm on each one. I try to coordinate everything. Since a lot of people like to do the Youtube box openings now, it is important to me to make sure my boxes are special. 

So what comes in the box?

Well, the baby is wrapped in a blanket, of course - some are hand crocheted by my mom and some are regular baby blankets. The baby will be wearing a hat and then a diaper over the head for both protection and the element of surprise. My babies wear a onesie or tee shirt and usually will be wearing a sleeper. They may be wearing socks or booties. 

The wrapped items will be a variety of clothing items. I buy most all of my baby clothing at my favorite thrift store or outlet store. I try to make sure they are in excellent condition if not brand new. I find clothing with tags on them all the time in thrift stores. Occasionally I find items in other stores, as well. Onesies, dresses, bloomers, pants...I make sure they have a cute wardrobe to get them on their way. I pack 3 Honest Company diapers. I have a lot of cute prints! They will be wearing one and 2 comes wrapped. The diaper on the head is usually an off brand. For the girls, I send a cute headband. Sometimes bibs are included. Sometimes a sweater or jacket. I include the birth certificate (made by moi)  and if it is a baby that comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, it will be included. (COA) These are usually the limited edition babies. 
I am a traditional kind of girl - so pink is for girls and blue is for boys. That is just me. I know a lot of people have different ideas - and that is Ok! that is what makes each one of us unique - our own minds!

So - with that being said - my baby girls are sent with everything girly girl, you know, sugar n' spice and everything nice and my baby boys are sent with snips n' snails and puppy dog tails. 

Sometimes, if I know the person is a big fan of a particular theme, I try to find things that will go with that. I had a lady that was all into giraffes and elephants and that was super easy because I just happen to be, too!

I try to buy sport team specific items as I can - so if I happen to get a new mom from New York and have a New York Yankees onesie - of course I will add that. 

All items are individually wrapped in tissue paper, ribbon and little plastic charm. I add a couple of pieces of "It's A Girl" or "Its A Boy" candy. Sometimes a stuffed animal or toy. 

It is all the fun of a baby shower in a box!