Friday, April 7, 2017

My First Reborn Orangutan

The Orangutan is a couple inches smaller than the Gorilla - but equally cute, in my opinion (maybe even a little cuter. I made these banana bottles today - not my idea - I believe I saw them on Etsy. It is just a styrofoam banana that I picked up at Hobby Lobby - cut it in half and hot glued the bottle nipple on it. Simple as that. It makes a cute prop.
*Update - sold for $145 and going to Idaho.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

My First Reborn Gorilla Baby

I had a custom order for a reborn gorilla baby - and so I picked Pearl to do. She is a real cutie. I have wanted to make a chimp, gorilla or orangutan for awhile now, so when I was asked by a lady if I would do it - I jumped on it. This is a lady who has bought a reborn from me before, so she knows my work. She is buying this one for her daughter's birthday.

 Pearl as a girl

 Pearl as a boy

Friday, March 17, 2017

(Reborn) Baby for Selma

I can't tell you how many times I have been hit up for a free reborn - most of the time I can tell it is a kid asking, occasionally it will be someone with a sad story - but obviously I can't just give reborns away left and right. 

However, there was one particular story that came across my e-mail this past week and I just couldn't let it go. At first I replied back with a "no, sorry" - but it wouldn't leave my mind all morning. There are so many scams out there - but this one just didn't feel like a scam. It was from a special ed. teacher in Illinois that had a student whose house had just burned down and the family lost everything. The boy was in a wheelchair and lost his wheelchair, as well. The community was really coming together and helping the family out - but it seemed the main focus was on the boy. Naturally, he had the most needs. There was also a young girl in the family - she had 2 Reborn dolls - she lost both in the fire. The teacher started a gofundme page and it was basically to cover needs for the boy, basic needs for the family, etc. She reached out to me (as well as a few others in the reborn community) asking for a donated reborn for this young girl who was having a birthday this week. She sent me the gofundme link and the newspaper link about the fire. She gave me her own personal phone number, address and where she worked - so every thing was easily verified. 

I e-mailed her back and told her I did want to help and I would donate a reborn for the girl for her birthday. She was truly thankful, I could tell. I was out of town when all this came about so there was no way I was going to be able to get the reborn to her for her birthday - so I told the teacher I would send a birthday card right away and let the girl know she is to be expecting a "reborn surprise". 

Now - I have her reborn ready to go - boxed with several cute outfits and sleepers and blanket. I hope she will love her - I think she will. I have asked the teacher to please send  a photo when she gets a chance. I wish I could be there to see her face. I chose to send her Cozy - I think she will be perfect for her. 

This makes my heart feel so good - and I hope that this young girl will have a happier birthday knowing that someone many miles away wanted to give her something to replace a little that she lost. I know it isn't a lot, but my granddaughters lost everything in a tornado not once, but twice - so I know how devastating something like this can be for a child. 

This is Cozy - the baby I sent her - hopefully I can update soon with a picture of her with her new mommy.

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Back in October I made my mom a baby boy that she named Jimmy (after her late older brother) and this week I surprised her with Jimmy's twin sister, which she has named Jenny. She was really surprised and happy to receive her. I think they look really cute together. I actually finished her the night before I left to spend the week of Spring Break.

They are from the Jewel sculpt. They are 18 inches long and about 3 pounds each.

Jenny & Jimmy

My mom with her twins

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Reborn Easter Swap

I am going to be participating in the Easter Swap this year. I missed out on the Valentine Swap - 

This is among a group of reborn artist that are on a forum I am on. The rules are that we decide what kit we want to do and send a picture of the kit to the head person over the swap. That has to be done by a certain date. Then once you start working on the kit, you take another picture mid point and that is to be sent by a certain date. Finally we will be given the name of another artist that is participating and we send the boxed reborn to them by the final date that is set. Easter clothing and accessories are encouraged. You can send a bald baby or rooted baby. They can be awake or asleep. Boy or girl. Just as long as you send one that you would be happy getting for yourself. (Easy to do - I love ALL mine) 

So - I chose Ginger which is a kit by Michelle Fagan and 20 inches long.  I am going to weigh them around 4 pounds or so. I am sending the reborn as a boy because I got the cutest Easter outfit. I just love it. He has the prettiest blue eyes. He will be bald and I really hope whoever gets him will love him.

Here is a work in progress photo -  
 I plan to dress him in an Easter one piece and he will have a baby blue and white knit sweater. I am sending him in a beautiful white blanket. Other items will include a couple of Honest diapers, hat, socks, sleeper and onesie. I am going to add a stuffed bunny to the box, as well. 

I can't wait to see what baby I get in return and I will be blogging about it when the time comes. 

The next picture to send in March 1st.  

Here is the finished baby - I am really happy with the way he turned out. My swap partner is from Canton, Ohio.