Friday, October 22, 2010

Mani/Pedi anyone?

Usually when I go have my nails "did" I get a mani/pedi. Since I have been doing the nail art thing I decided to go ahead and let them give me a manicure but leave my nails natural so I could do them myself. I told the girl that was doing my nails what I wanted - instead of my "usual" and she did doubletake when she realized I was the one who did the "artwork" on my nails. The girl working right next to her overheard and so she had to thing I know the whole place was looking at my Too funny. They kept asking "You did them?" They speak limited English so maybe they didn't understand or wanted to make sure it really was me, they were hearing right. Now, I know they aren't THAT great, but they do look really good as long as my hands are
I had my usual pedicure minus one detail. I always have a flower added - naturally they were prepared to paint one on. I decided I can do that, too. I love my mani/pedi time, relaxing in the massage chair, big screen TV going, a bottle of water, a foot and leg massage. I always look forward to it. I pretty much always get French Manicure all the way around, but now that I am getting bold with these wild colors on my nails - well, there just ain't no tellin' what my toenails will end up looking like before long! I'm not giving up the feel good parts, tho. I can't massage my feet like they can!!

Anywho, this is what I came up with when I got home. I love rubber duckies!

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