Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sweet Little Tucker Boo

I was able to stay 6 days with my daughter and help out with Tucker. I had a great time with Robin and the baby. I would get up in the mornings about 7 or so and take the baby and let Robin sleep until 10. In the evenings she would lay down for a couple of hours and I would take him. On Monday she had a doctor appt. and errands to run so since she could drive after 2 weeks I kept Tucker at home since it was so humid out. I had him by myself for 3 hours!! He was a perfect angel. In fact, he was the entire week. He is a very good baby so far. Even when he gets up at night and is wide awake he isn't fussy. Just doesn't want to go back to but he is getting better. Thursday night she said he only woke up twice and was up 30 minutes each time, so its getting better. He has gone from 2 hours, to 1 to 30 minutes now at each awakening. I miss him so much! I hate being 400 miles away from him. :-(
See a little video of Tucker at:

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