Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tucker's Surgery

My 4 month old grandson had his cranial surgery this week. He was diagnosed with craniosynotosis at birth and the doctors wanted to wait until he was 3 months old to re-evaluate and set the date for surgery. It has been a long 4 months waiting and then on the other hand, very fast, since it was a scary journey the whole family was going to be on.

The surgery went as expected - we all watched videos and read every article we could find to try to prepare ourselves for what to expect. I can tell you right now, no matter how many "before and after" pictures you see - you can not be prepared to see your grandbaby lying there with a drain tube coming out of his head, wrapped in thick bandages and his eyes swollen completely shut. It breaks your heart to watch your daughter and the fear in her eyes as she has to face the unknown and hand her baby to doctors and nurses, relying on her faith in God that they will do every thing they can to make sure her child has the best care and come back to her with good reports. It swells your heart with pride to see how strong she is, how mature she has become and how she handles situations that she should never have to face with such grace. I am so proud of her.

He was released to go home today - and will be fitted for his helmet in a few weeks. I am so glad that the worst is behind us and he has a little ways to go before we can say he is "all done" but God has been good - he is already healing so fast!

You can check out Robin's journal at for more info - she is really good about keeping it up to date with photos.

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