Friday, February 3, 2012

Shrimps, Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

My newest venture with
"Pamela's Fish Gallery" -
(will explain that further into todays blog)
  - an addition of Red Cherry Shrimp and Mystery Snails - breeding, of course!

I am so excited that one of my Golden Mystery Snails FINALLY laid her first clutch of eggs (two actually!!) and they have hatched! What started out as a little pale peach color glob of a blob attached to the top of my aquarium has hatched into dozens upon dozens of teeny tiny litte snail beings. So small you would need a magnifying glass to see and then couldn't tell if they were even moving.
As of today they are little more than a week old out of the hatch and you can now see them crawl all over the little birthing net that I have them in. They are adorable! (seriously! :-) I also have purple, ivory and blue mystery snails - hoping to breed - waiting on the next batch of eggs to be laid. So exciting!

I started out with six little red cherry shrimp - I don't even know how many I have now. They are funny little creatures. They carry their little eggs under their bodies - protecting them so carefully - and then when they hatch the little guys have to run like crazy to their hiding places until big enough to escape being eaten by anything in the tank that can grab them, including their own mama! I have good hiding for them so many many many survive!

I just put in my first ad on craigslist for these little cuties. Now along with baby fish, I am in the shrimpin' and snail business.

About that "Pamela's Fish Gallery" - last night my husband comes in with this 3 foot x 5 inch nice piece of wood and wants to make a sign to hang on the wall where all my aquariums are - and that is what he came up with! I thought that was pretty sweet - so he had me write it out in my fancy handwriting and he is using all his cool tools to make it look nice.

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