Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines through the Years

My husband and I have been together 13 Valentines now. I will never forget our very first Valentines Day. It was amazing! He went BIG in every way. A BIG card - A BIG teddy bear. A BIG box of candy. A beautiful diamond necklace. A wonderful night out on the town. Everything about our first V-Day together was so much fun!

Not a whole lot has changed over the years - he knows that I love Valentines Day. He always makes it special for me. Over the years I have gotten many bottles of perfume - all my favorites - Passion, Obsession, Eternity, Beautiful. He knows what I love and he always makes it a point to see which perfume is needed the most during Christmas or my birthday and Valentines Day. This year at Christmas he bought me a bottle of every one of my favorite perfumes - so I wasn't surprised that this Valentines Day - perfume was not on the list (whew!)

I have gotten stuffed animals over the years - cute white dogs holding hearts, teddy bears, one year he even bought me several Webkinz when I was really into those.

Jewelry - diamond earrings, necklace - (still waiting on that great big HUGE diamond, tho! :-)

The most unusually sweet Valentines Day? Every thing came from a Christian bookstore - he bought me a purple bible, a pretty bookmark, a card and a magnet and then I still got my romantic bottle of perfume, Eternity, how appropriate.

He knows me well - this year for Valentines Day - a STARBUCKS card, a big box of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and a cute card that sings "My Girl". I love Starbucks! We plan to go to the movies to see The Vow.

I never know what he is going to come up with each year - I know it will always be something I am going to love.  I love my Valentine - he is the sweetest man I have ever known. I am a lucky girl.

♥Happy Valentines Day♥

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  1. Your hubby is so lucky to have a wife that likes "real presents" (as my hubby calls them....I told him if he wanted conventional he married the wrong women).

    Happy Valentines Day!!


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