Monday, March 12, 2012

"I'll Text Ya"

It seems the catch phrase of the day is "I'll text ya" (if you're in the south - I guess ya'll northern folk say "I'll text you", right?
I talked to my daughter last night and she needed a phone number - I said "I'll text ya". Today I had a doctor appointment to go over some tests I had recently - I told all my friends and family "'I'll text ya' with the results".  One of my friends needed to come by to drop something off this afternoon and I said "I'll text ya' when I get home".
I LOVE texting. I am not a sit down and talk on the phone kind of gal. No one in my family is. Before cell phones - when we had that box on the wall and only one in the whole house with a cord that reached through 3 full rooms - I loved the phone. I could talk for hours and hours to my friends or boyfriend. I could lay on the floor with my feet on the wall - I didn't even need a pillow - I could just talk and talk and talk. In fact, probably my worst grounding (from the phone) was because I was on the phone at 9 p.m. one night and when my dad got up at after midnight... I was still on the phone - same position - talking to the same person - and on a school night. Big No No! I can still see my dad walking by, jerking that cord and slamming down that receiver - ha!

Now, with texting - you have an excuse not to have to talk on the phone if you don't want to. What is really funny - some people screen their phone calls - and may or may not answer when you call - but you text them and they will almost always text right back. (guilty)

Texting is going on every where - no matter where you are - in a restaurant, the doctors office, at the traffic lights, you can look around and see people with those thumbs and fingers moving. Age is no barrier when it comes to texting, my mom does it, my mother in law - my granddaughters - I have even heard of 4  year olds texting.

I can be in the house and my husband outside - we will text each other when we need something. How lazy is that? lol we do it all the time.

One of my friends told me about her daughter who wasn't quite old enough to date so she and her boyfriend texted all the time. She says they never stopped - from the time they got up until the time they went to bed - one was always texting the other. When she turned 16 and they got to finally go on their first date - when her daughter came home she told her mom that they broke up. When she asked her why she said because they had nothing to talk about. It sounds funny - but think about it. They spent all their time texting and never having a real conversation - they couldn't talk when it was face to face. I think that is going to be true of a lot of this upcoming generation. Their social skills are going to be lacking because their social time is spent communicating by texting instead of really talking to one another. Sad.

As for me, I use swype a lot - I love it - and I also like composing my message with voice. The only problem with that is I have to speak very slow and deliberate or my twang comes out with some pretty hilarious words. I learned pretty quickly to check it before sending.

Texting is a wonderful tool - no doubt. It is still nice to hear a human voice at times, too - and for those I don't get to see often enough, Skype is even better!

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