Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Daddy's Cabbage Soup

While I was at my folks house  recently - my dad made a huge pot of cabbage soup and cornbread. When he told me that was supper, I sort of cringed inside - thinking this ain't gonna be good! Boy, was I surprised! It was to die for! Who knew? I got the recipe from him and today am making my own big batch. I can't wait for Brad to try it! Any time I can make something new that makes tons to freeze so he can have it for lunch, I am excited!

cabbage (duh!)
V8 - large can
2 cans Rotel
2 can black beans
2 cans crushed tomatoes
1 bottle Italian Dressing
Sausage ( I used Kountry Boy Beef Links)

I realized I left the crushed tomatoes and 1 can of beans out of the pic - I had already started putting them in the pot when I remembered to take the pic.

Everything goes into the pot and cook until cabbage is tender. I plan to let it just simmer all day. I added a little pepper, but didn't add salt - I am thinking with the big bottle of dressing - it will be salty enough.
My dad says it is better the 2nd day - I guess Brad can verify that tomorrow when he has it for lunch!

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