Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Break, Baby!

Wooooo Hoooooooo -Today is my final working day before Spring Break! I can barely contain myself! I have so much to do today to get ready to be off for a whole week - and then I have 3 days to get ready to be gone for 5 days!

My To Do List for today:
*Register 2 new students first thing this morning when school starts. This includes getting all their information in the computer, an e-mail out to all their teachers, cafeteria, get a locker issued, front office, nurse and technology and then request records online from their previous schools.

*I have to make labels for 6 different areas - setting them up is the hard part - running reports to get the information for each one in the program I use at work.

*Honor Roll certificates - 130 kids made the honor roll this 4th six weeks so I have the certificates created and printed - now to sort each one to where that student is 5th period so they can be given to them today.

*I have to get teachers to fix "holes" in their gradebooks. I have a whole stack of "need to be fixed" stuff and that means getting with the individual teacher to explain what needs to be done.

and most important!
*Do a water change on my 20 gallon aquarium, give them a 7 day feeder - make sure they are ready to make it without me for the whole week.

Of course these are my Must Do's - then there will be 100 interruptions along the way - :-)

My To Do List before Leaving for ARKANSAS:
*take care of 5 aquariums and prepare them for being away for 5 days.
*Pack a ton of stuff - I always have a lot of things to take with me to Arkansas every trip since I see every one every 3 months - I am always buying things I see that I know someone would like or could use. However, I am flying to Arkansas Tuesday and then my hubby is driving in Saturday and we will drive home Sunday. That means HE has to bring all of this stuff with him so I do have to have it all lined up in the foyer and ready to go or he will not know what in the world to do! (men!)
I have a 10 gallon aquarium and accessories to take for Brooklyn - all the dresses and tops I have been making for the girls, clothes I have been picking up for Tucker for summer, a huge bag of clothes for Lily that  were given to me by a friend, nice dress shirts for my son that my husband never wears, craft projects I made for everyone, Lily's Tinkerbell pillow I made, there are more things - the closet in the spare bedroom is always stacked with stuff.

*my hair trimmed and highlights


*Miles groomed

*Pack MY bags - trying to get everything I need into one large suitcase and then have my carry on bag as well. I learned a long time ago - my make up and medications go with me on the plane! After having luggage lost twice on trips like this, I will never leave my essentials at the mercy of whoever gets their hands on those bags in the luggage area! I hate that all my clothes could end up in never neverland, but I can chance that.

*Write out instructions for hubby while I am away from Tuesday - Friday. He will be feeding my fish, snails and shrimp for me. Each tank has specific instructions. I have plenty of faith in him, but since I can be a little bit of a control freak - I want it done to the letter.

*Get all of Miles things in order - he wears bellybands and since he will not have me to come home to every day for lunch, I am sure he will have accidents and so I will have all his bellybands padded and ready for a new one each day. I will have his bag packed with his treats and food, extra leash in the car, so all Brad will have to do is pick up his bag and bed and toss them in the car on his way out Saturday morning

I am sure there are a lot more I could add - but I am tired now just thinking about all of this so I am going to turn off my brain for awhile.

Yea - I NEED Spring Break!

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