Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Coconut Oil - A Staple at My House - Review

I have been using coconut oil for a few months now. I buy the pure coconut oil that you can find at your local grocery store mixed right in with the shortening next to all the olive, vegetable and corn oils. It is a solid so you will probably find it in a plastic container. I use LouAna brand.

Originally I had planned to just use it in my coffee - I would put a teaspoon full in my hot coffee and it then it melts quickly and there isn't any taste, really. It doesn't taste like coconut - I wish it did! I LOVE coconut. Then I started using it as moisturizer under my make up - It only takes a TINY bit and then on my arms and legs. I use it on my hair as a conditioner. (again - small amount!) Now I buy coconut oil capsules and take them twice a day so I am not putting it in my coffee any more.
I have had high blood pressure for a few years controlled with medication and my cholesterol has been high since I can remember. My doctor put me on medication for the cholesterol but I only took it for one month and then decided to see what the coconut oil would do. That paired with diet change is more acceptable to me than cholesterol medication I don't really trust. When I go back in a couple of months it will be so great to know that my cholesterol is down doing it this way.

I also cook with coconut oil - I still use olive oil, too,  because I think it is really good, as well.

You won't find a moisturizer for face and body that does as much good for your skin that coconut oil does for price! Less than $7 large container.

 I have a friend that mixes it with her toothpaste. She swears it has healed her gums that she generally has problems with. She also puts it on her dental floss before using it. I talked to another friend today who has had a lot of trouble with dry hair after taking medication following a bout with cancer and will be anxious to see how it works for her.

Have you tried it? if so, how are you using it?

Official Website - I did not receive compensation for this review - this is based on personal opinion and experience.

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