Monday, May 21, 2012

My House - My Yard - I am In Love with My Yard Boy!

Our grass is looking so lush (thanks to my yard boy) and the roses are in bloom (again, thanks to my yard boy).
Yard Boy = the husband - My Bradley, of course!

He has really been working hard on the front yard - watering, seeding - and it has paid off. Our neighbor across the street always has the prettiest grass (he used to do lawn maintenance so he kind of has an advantage there ) and that is who Brad compares our lawn to - yesterday he wanted me to acknowlege that for the first time OUR lawn is just as pretty as neighbors. LOL - it is true, tho - he has finally succeeded!

Lookin' good, Yard Boy!


  1. Ohhh... you have a gorgeous yard! All his hard work has paid off :)

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  2. Wish he could work on our yard! I can barely get Josh to mow!

  3. ha what a cute post! found you via the blog hop! xo


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