Saturday, May 19, 2012

Time to Rant - Not On A Diet

I have not had sugar to speak of in, let's see...2 months at least. I am talking about desserts - cakes, cookies, pie, ice cream, candy - I haven't been sugar-free- I just don't partake in birthday cakes, desserts after dinner, picking up a candy bar in the convenience store, that kind of "no sugar".
Well, I am tired of it!! I made an executive decision today between me, myself and I. I lost about 5 or 6 pounds - but that was because I also went "low sodium" - so basically, that was water weight. I put it right back on. The reason? because I am constantly looking for something to eat because nothing .I. do. eat. satisfies. me. N O T H I N G.
This is what I have decided - and my decision is final - non-negotiable.

 I am eating ice cream - not yogurt, not fat free, not sugarfree, not even 1/2 the calorie mess. I bought the real deal today - my fav - PRALINES & CREAM - and I haven't even opened it yet! I haven't wanted it (yet) but it is there when I am ready for it, by George!

I am eating cookies - not sugarfree, not fat free, not those little just enough to make you mad 100 calorie wannabe cookies either! I bought Keebler - chips deluxe with coconut. You heard right - and I have eaten 4 of them and boy, were they good!

My thinking is - I will be so much more satified - I won't eat an extra 600 calories trying to satisfy myself. Hey, it's worth a shot - I sure ain't getting any skinnier trying to eat right!

The next birthday at work - I am eating cake! Yes Mam - I am!


  1. you know what ... good for you.
    I HAVE to have sweets also. you know my secret? honey. my husband makes his own honey and I can eat a few spoonfuls of that and it's so sweet that my craving is gone.

    except I still eat cookies too.

  2. I hear ya, everytime I try dieting, I just miss things. Moderation is key!

  3. Not going on a diet is the best. When you don't restrict yourself you are so much happier. Promise. Reminds me I need to write my Blogger NOT on a diet post for Monday. Thanks for the reminder:>

  4. LOL! I am loving it! I try to be healthy but you are so right, we deserve a cookie! (or our favorite ice cream) Just visiting from the Blog Hop and still enjoying following you. I would so love if you would share any of your awesome posts at Freedom Fridays. Hoping to see you there.

  5. No sugar in 2 months?! That's amazing! Dieting doesn't work for me, but I do try to eat healthier. Every once in a while though, you've gotta have a treat! Found you on the blog hop, thanks for posting this. :) Stop by and follow back when you can.

  6. Hey pretty lady!!! I love your blog!!!!

  7. So funny!! My daughter who is thin, (I however am not,) recommends that you always satisfy your craving otherwise it haunts you!! Better to have a few of what you want!! She maintains a very nice soon as she feels her clothes getting tight she backs off the carbs for a few days...Good luck to you!! You probably made the best decision!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. thanks for linking up :-) you should never deprive yourself...thats for sure...moderation is the key!E and I eat decent thruoughout the week and then veg out on the weekends!

  9. I think you made a smart decision. Feeling deprived usually leads to binging, and then you're right back at square one. Like you said, better to have a little of what you want than to fill up on other calories. I really have to commend you for going 2 months sugar-free - that is no small feat! I don't think I could do it lol
    New follower. :-)

  10. I went Paleo, which was amazing. It's pretty much all meat, fish, fats (avocado, seeds, nuts), veggies and some fruit. I found I wasn't hungry at all, because a giant slab of salmon, 2 types of veggies with nuts all cooked in coconut oil was super satisfying.

    I love NOT being on a diet, and getting to eat real food without starving.



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