Friday, July 20, 2012

Flashback Friday - Link Up

Yep...this is me - 6 years old and full of attitude. I actually remember this day - we lived wayyyyyy out in the country - dirt roads - no neighbors for miles, in Conway, Arkansas.   I loved that swingset behind me - my sister and I ate lunch sitting on the teeter totter or on top of the slide most every day in the summer. On this day my grandparents were visiting all the way from the big city of Little Rock  - it seemed a long way for them to drive back then since it was two lane highways or dirt roads. Interstate today makes it a hop, skip and jump now. My grandma (we called her "Little Rock Grandma" - my other grandma was "Conway Grandma" - no kidding!) had bought my sister and I these matching dresses - we were dressed alike a lot back then since my grandma bought most of our clothes and she always bought two of everything. (we are 2 years 2 months apart) and my grandpa (he was just grandpa - since he was my one and only, there was no need to differentiate) would always break out the camera. My sister was actually in this photo and I cut her out of it years and years ago. I did that to a lot of the photos. LOL I don't know why - I think one day when I was around 12 I just took all of the photos and cut around them like this and I got in trouble for it later when my mom found out.

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  2. Small, small world. I may be mistaken but was it Conway Arkansas we drove to in order to get out of the dry county?

    I have family in Benton.


  3. You look like you were a very spunky child! Lol, very cute pic.

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