Friday, August 17, 2012

High 5 for Friday

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Whoop Whoop for Friday! It could not come soon enough! this has been a difficult week  with registration and trying to get ready for Back to School.

My Friday High 5's:

*I got one of the Oasap blouses in and I LOVE it. I tried it on - it fits perfectly  - but I haven't had time to take a picture wearing it. I have another one on the way and that one is the one I have to upload a photo to their website.

*School has provided lunch every day. On our main registration day they also provided supper (fajitas) AND great snacks all day long! We worked 12 hours - so it was very much appreciated!

*I only have to work half a day today. I am thrilled! No plans - just relax - after this week - I need it!!

*Wonderful Wednesday night service - I love our Pastor's wife and she is our teacher.

*My sweet friend & co-worker, Rachel,  bought me Starbucks twice this week! I lub her!

**Bonus - one of my sweet blog friends posted about her Etsy order from my shop and I am so happy she did! It is so good to hear when someone is pleased with your work, Thanks, Sylvia from Boo's Basket


  1. I bet you're mega happy to have half day to day hunny!


    Lotte xoxo

  2. I love your weekly wrap up!

    I love blogs that are easy to read and follow a great format so I'm hooked.

    Found you through the blog hop and am following ya. Feel free to check me out too!


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