Friday, August 24, 2012

High 5 For Friday

This is my last Friday before students return to school - ready or not - here they come!

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Great week!!

*Sold another wooden RV sign from my Etsy Shop and getting ready to add another wooden sign that we are trying to come up with. Will also be adding some new necklaces this weekend. Pamela2Heaven Etsy Shop

* I made a new blog friend - her name is Trinity and she won one of my necklaces from Etsy on Brittany's Giveway 
We have been e-mailing one another and I will be blogging soon about how God has worked in putting the two of us together - it has really been amazing - so stay tuned!

*I got my new Vera Bradley cell phone case in this week. Love it!

*I had a really awesome dream about one of my grandma's this week. She has been gone a long time - but I dreamed that she was sitting in the corner of the house I grew up in and I walked over to her and put my coat around her and then we started dancing around the room - like a waltz. She was laughing and smiling - I was so happy to see her. That is the first time that I can remember dreaming about her. When I woke up I was sad at first - but then I just thanked God for letting me visit with her. It brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it.
I hope I get to dream about my other grandma and my best friend, Linda.

*I have lost 4 pounds this week! woohooooooo go me! No real dieting - I have just stopped the sweets (again) and I am in a lot less pain since doing so - I know there is a correlation between chronic pain and sugar. I am now convinced.
Happy Friday!!

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  1. Awww, so sweet about your grandma visit dream.
    Okay, now I'm feeling really guilty for buying that slice of cheesecake covered in cherries from the bakery section today when we did our grocery shopping. I'll regret every bite of it I take at snack time tonight. haha No, really....I seriously need to take heed of your good habits. I have a near chronic pain thing too and don't even pay attention to the fact that certain things I eat might aggravate that situation. Giving me something to think about....


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