Sunday, August 12, 2012

What We Wore To Church:Sunday

Here we are in our Sunday Go To Meetin' clothes
 Lace top - Catos
Maxi Skirt - Catos
Shoes - Italian Shoemakers - Kohl's

Shirt - Arrow - Kohl's
Pants - Dockers - Kohl's
Shoes - Bostonian Classics


  1. Your husband is such a great sport...mine has appeared on my blog a few times! You both look great for church and lunch afterwards!! Have a blessed week, Pamela!

  2. Very nice!! Like your outfits - you two are very cute! I'm a new follower who found you on the GFC hop!!

  3. I was about to say the same thing as Pam!

    If I asked my hubbie to pose for a picture outside of him making gestures at me {all in fun of course} or doing something silly, he'd laugh at me.

    I love your skirt!

    Kim M.


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