Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chili Cook Off - I won!

I entered our first annual Chili Cook Off at work - something that I never would have even thought about doing in the past - and seriously - I don't have a clue what made me decide to even enter - but I did - and I won! 
There were only 6 contestants - and I believe 3 judges. I didn't even know who all had entered since we didn't have our names on our chili - we just had a letter - and I was letter C.

They announced the winner at the end of the day - and when they said my name over the intercom - you would have thought I had won the lottery instead of a chili cook off! LOL
The cook off was to benefit Juvenile Diabetes and it cost $10 to enter - plus every one who wanted to participate by eating had to pay $5. The winnings was 1/3 of the total. I won $56 and a homemade certificate, which I will proudly display on my bulletin board. :-) As for the money - I split it with one of my co-workers because she gave me the ground deer to go in the chili. I had already stated that I would not enter with ground beef - although I know my ground beef chili is pretty darn good, too - I wanted deer to make it extra special. So when she volunteered to give me some of her ground deer - I had already made up my mind to split the winnings should I win. Of course she didn't want to take the money - but I was insistent and she finally agreed. 

I made 2 huge pots - so I had plenty for us at home, too. 

Some of my ingredients? here are a few - not all - if you seriously want to know my "special ingredients" you can e-mail me.

ground deer
chili powder
garlic cloves
garlic salt
fresh ground pepper
sea salt
onion - yellow
crushed tomatoes
tomato sauce
worschestershire sauce

My chili is thick - no watery stuff here. No grease either. Just good ole YUM.


  1. Way to go girl! But I have to tell you...I got hungry reading about it! LOL!

  2. What a fantastic way to raise money-love this idea! Congrats to you for winning, and a big thank you for sharing that prize winning recipe. :-)


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