Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

Happy Thursday!

Hmmmm - what is OK for Thursday - well - let's see!

It's Ok - that I am totally obsessed with Bingo Blitz - at least I am over SongPop!

It's Ok - that I messed up this week and wore jeans and my Arkansas Razorback hoodie on the wrong day for "College Days" at work - oh well - lol

It's Ok - that my MIL is coming this weekend and I haven't done a single thing to prepare - I will be scrambling tonight! (changing sheets on her bed, vac, dusting, etc)

It's Ok - that I am having a yard sale this weekend and my MIL is going to be here - we have GOT to get all of this stuff out of our garage!

It's Ok - that I am already over Christmas music - seems like we have already been listening to it for 2 months in the stores! Seriously??

Hope you are having an awesome week - Friday's coming!

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