Saturday, December 8, 2012

What I Wore: Christmas Luncheon

Cute Santa shirt - Wally World aka Walmart
Christmas Ornament earrings - Walmart
Sweater Tights - Walmart

 Our ladies luncheon is today at Johnny Tamales and we are having a scarf exchange. Every one is dressing up in their Christmas attire. I feel like an elf!
Nails by Dream Nails
 Funny Story - the girl who was going to do my nails kept asking me "what color?" and I kept trying to tell her "candy canes! candy canes!" I couldn't get her to understand no matter what I was saying and showing her red and white. A woman overheard and said "this is what my daughter is having done" so I looked and I LOVED it! I asked the girl to just let me wait until this gal was finished because she was doing a fantastic job and I wanted the same. I think they are just too cute!
Coach Boots
 Ralph Lauren Skirt

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  1. Oh my, that's the cutest nail arts design that I've ever seen! I love the snowman on it >.<


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