Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's Ok Thursday

Oh Em Gee People! It is Thursday and Spring Break is almost here! 

I just know I can come up with dozen's of OK's this week but I will continue to limit it to 5.

It's Ok  - that I am STILL not as "into" American Idol this year as all the previous years. I know last year I could not wait - this year - not so much. I do have a favorite of the girls - Kree Harrison - and I have an underdog favorite of the boys - the red headed Little Rock, Arkansas boy, Charlie Askew- mainly because he is socially awkward and he just needs to go far in this competition AND he is from Arkansas (enough said!) He is a pretty good singer, too. He just didn't have a very good night this week, poor guy. The judges really did a number on him. 

It's Ok - that I bought some cute cute cute ballerina flats and they rubbed a blister the first day I wore them. I just knew I should have worn them to church first - but no, I had to chance it. Lesson learned! (they are still cute, tho)

It's Ok -  that my daughter isn't going to be able to pick me up at the airport Saturday when I land in Little Rock after all, something else came up - but my daughter in law is picking me up, which was the original plan in the first place - so it worked out. 

It's Ok - that I am now reading 3 books at one time  - it's bad enough when I was reading 2 - but I have started on a 3rd. PLUS, one of our LA teachers is writing a book and I am reading parts of it - but since it isn't a finished book - I am not counting it. ha!

It's Ok - that my follow- up to my Mammogram (ultrasound and compression on L side) did not give me what I wanted to hear. Now I have to an appointment for a needle biopsy - but that's OK - God is still in control!
Have a fabulously blessed day!

On a positive note - my 2nd biopsy on my skin cancer shows ALL cancer gone - praise the Lord!

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