Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's OK Thursday

This week has really flown by - after being off work last week I am not surprised.

It's Ok  - that I had jury duty Wednesday - but all cases were dismissed. I really would like to sit in on an actual case, but it never happens.

It's Ok - that I can not make up my mind what to take to the Mother/Friend/Brunch on Saturday - I need 2 things to take and I just can't stick to a decision. Time is running out!

It's Ok - that Brad is having to work a LOT this month - there is an outage going on at his plant - I know he is tired already.

It's Ok - that my favorite nail technician quit - I found another gal I like just as well. I will still miss Tami, tho.

It's Ok - that I have been on a serious diet since Monday - and only lost 1 pound, but Brad lost 5. Why do men lose so much easier??? I feel like I haven't had one good thing to eat this week - and 1 pound, seriously?? (It is really OK, at least I didn't gain!)

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  1. I've only been called to jury duty once in my life and I was so excited! I got dismissed to and was very bummed! I would love to sit on a jury someday!

  2. I sat on a jury once, for an all day trial about a car wreck. It was a loooooong, slow,day. Although, working for my uncle, I spend a lot of time at the court house now, and it's really interesting to watch some of those cases....especially family court.


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