Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Have You Ever Noticed?

Have you ever noticed that people don't read magazines in the waiting room at the doctors office any more? Everyone is playing on their phones. I was at the doctors office the other day and out of 5 people in the waiting room, 5 were on their iPhones - including yours truly.

Have you ever noticed if you say "I'm not going to cry" that's when you do cry? One of my friends starting telling me something yesterday and those were the first words out of her mouth - then the tears flowed. I do it all the time, too.

Have you ever noticed that if you try really hard not to mess up your nail polish , that's when your phone is going to ring? Never seems to fail - that is why I get manicures. You are pretty much forced to sit still until dry.

Have you ever noticed when you come to a stop light and you look around - you usually will see at least one person frantically texting away - trying to finish up before the light turns green? GUILTY.

Have you ever noticed (for married church-going couples) you do more fussing with one another on Sundays? Several of my friends talked about that recently - we all agreed that seems to be National Fighting Day - but non-church going people don't have a specific pattern. (Pretty much proves the enemy is alive and well in my book!)

Pretty random stuff - but just some things I have noticed and was thinking about at the moment. 

Have a blessed day!

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