Thursday, May 9, 2013

Just Can't Wait For Summer & My 2 Oldest GrandAngels

This summer these 2 GrandAngels will be spending 2 weeks with us. Every year for the past 10 years - we have had  these 2 girls  sharing part of our summer with us with the exception of last year when their younger sister had her first turn - and the oldest had to sit the summer out. 

My mother also spends the 2 weeks with us - so there is just not enough room to get everyone back to Texas - unless I go get them by myself - and I am just not comfortable making that trip alone any more and haven't since the youngest was born - she is 6 now. (500 miles)

This year I decided it would be these 2 girls simply because they are at such a fun age now, they get along well with one another and there are some things I want to do with them that the younger one just isn't ready for. Besides that - with Alayna going on 14 - I know time could be dwindling down where  she may not even want to spend 2 weeks of her summer with Grammie and Pepaw! It won't be long and friends, boyfriends, maybe even a job, etc - will change her summers completely. 

They are just growing up too quickly - I can't wait for them to be here! I love these girls!

Here are some pictures from summers past.

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