Friday, May 3, 2013

My Music Room (makeover)

Our old computer/Aquarium/Music Room is getting a makeover. Since we no longer have all the aquariums -  and we sold both of our desks, chairs and took down the 2 PCs - it was going to just be a Music Room. However, I found that I really do need one computer/desk just for paying bills! I love my iPad and I have a laptop, but I just prefer the "old fashioned" way of sitting at a desk to do that sort of thing.
SO - we bought a cute little desk and set up one computer. Much happier now!' I have a really cool mouse pad on order from ebay with guitars on it.

I won't have time to re-do my walls until school's out and I am holding off with new curtains until that is done - but a few of years ago I made a border with scrapbook paper and I intend to do that again, but with black and white music notes. I am going to exchange the curtains for black and white as well.

Here are some of the things I have gotten up since the makeover started.

I got this clock on ebay - I LOVE it!

These little cuties were on clearance for less than $2 each!

I ordered this giant Martin pick from Martin & Co and put it in a frame that I painted black.

These are just some things I pulled off the internet and framed.
My daughter bought this for Brad several years ago.
I always thought it was pretty cool.

Another photo I printed out to frame.

Little canvas decos I made
Our Martin guitars
The cute little black desk - I am going to try to find another chair just like this one except in black or red *this one belongs in my sewing room, actually - and you can see the curtains that are up now - I want black and white, I think - the scrapbook paper border matches these curtains right now, so as it is everything still matches since most all I added is black and white or red.

My music stand

We also have a flat screen TV in the room which will stay - and a lot of family photos. 
I like the way it is coming together and this summer we will be buying a new amp so it is going to be a really fun place to have our little jam sessions.

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