Thursday, May 30, 2013

Snapea Crisps - Have You Tried Them?

Meet my newest favorite snack food! OH MY GOODNESS! They are awesome! I love potato chips -  from BBQ to Corn Chips to Sour Cream,  but they just aren't healthy for me because I eat way more than one serving once I get started. I can't help it. I have tried all the baked chips and I just don't feel like they even compare. 

I actually bought these as a salad topping, but I found myself eating a handful here and there, omitting the salad. Now they are my go to snack. 

Ok, that being said - I have to confess - these are not really "healthy" either.  A serving is 150 calories - pretty much the same as a lot of potato chips. HOWEVER, I don't have the need to  over indulge in these. I don't know why - but I am satisfied with a small handful of these. I never eat a full serving at one time.

This week I bought the Black Pepper Snapeas and they have only 120 calories per serving! Even better and sooo good.

Seriously, try them!


  1. Have you tried Kale chips? I buy the ranch flavored at Earthfare and they are absolutely amazing, you will never crave chips again. I haven't tried the peas.

    1. No, I will have to try those. Thanks for stopping by and commenting~


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