Friday, June 14, 2013

Today is THE Day! Va Ca Tion

This morning we are leaving for our long awaited 2 week vacation - destination unknown - well, sort of. We do know we are headed east and going at least as far as Pennsylvania.  We have big 
no plans really - no itinerary - no reservations -  we are just getting in the car and off we will go. 

My new Lincoln MKX is loaded down with suitcases, ice chest, quilt, my special cloud pillow and anything my husband thinks we could possibly need in any situation - he goes no where without making a LONG list and he checks it off as it is packed. He has an "its there in case we need it" attitude and actually it has come in quite handy in many situations. There have literally been times that a need comes up for something and he pulls it out and he says "I bought this 3 years ago just in case we need it and aren't you glad I did?" Well, yea, I am! I am glad he thinks the way he does. I certainly want to be on his team for any emergency situation!

So - here are some of the things we would like to do or see on this (hope to be) amazing road trip.

*Zip lining in Kentucky (hubby says he ain't doing it - I say yea, we are)

*Amish Country - Pennsylvania

*Music Row in Nashville

*Martin & Company - Lancaster, Penn. - (we have 2 Martin guitars) 

*Hershey, Penn. - I want chocolate!

*Mountains in TN and Kentucky

*Restaurants and food places we have never been to  - NO FAST FOOD THAT WE HAVE ACCESS TO AT HOME.

Our first night will be in Louisiana  (most likely - depending on how far we want to drive since we are not leaving until noon - and playing the slots at one of the casinos. Who knows, we might win enough to pay for our whole trip! Wouldn't that be awesome?

I have our AARP card for hotels - getting 3% cash back on gas - and plan to eat free breakfast at hotels - to save money.

I am going to keep a daily journal of every place of interest, places we eat - things we see. Lots of pictures  in every state we go through. We will check out "what to see and do" pamphlets at every rest stop - plus several friends have given us "must see" ideas. (Hey, feel free to comment and add your ideas or travel tips, that would be great!!)

So - I am not sure if I will blog during the 2 weeks - I will have my iPad with me, of course - so it is possible and I will be reading my favorite blog posts. I will certainly be blogging when I get back and give a play by play of our adventures. 

Say a prayer for traveling mercies - and safe ventures, please and thank you!

See you in 2 weeks!


  1. Have fun! and BE CAREFUL!! LOVE YOU!

  2. Have a safe trip. Make some memories :)

  3. Enjoy! Amish country and Hershey are in my neck of the woods (I live and work in York, PA). Lots of really great restaurants in downtown Lancaster too!

    1. Leave the light on and will stop by! Lol

  4. i love this kind of vacation. that's the way we do it. load up and head out. I will be checking your blog everyday to see what you may be sharing with us. have fun!

  5. Have a great vacation. Enjoy every moment. Cheers

  6. Hi Pamela,
    Have a great vacation, I LOVE road trips! The zip line is so awesome, go for it, you'll love it! I've been so bad lately with my blogging :( Just really busy this summer, hopefully I'll get something going here, soon! I hope you're having a nice summer, we're finally getting some nice weather.


  7. Have fun! Casinos and Amish on the same trip, only in America :)


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