Friday, October 18, 2013

Silly Things That Make Me Freak Out

Have you ever thought about some of the things that make you stop in your tracks then  you realize just how ridiculous your fear really is? I was thinking about that today on my way home from work.

I had just pulled out on the street heading home and all of a sudden the "ding" starts signaling I forgot my seatbelt. Seriously, my heart skipped a beat! I rarely ever forget to buckle up. Maybe once a year, for real. So today was my once a year...and in a flash that buckle was done...and then the "whew! That was close!" feeling sunk in.

Here's another one and I bet I am not the only one...leaving my house and realizing I forgot my cell phone. It does not matter if I am going to the grocery store less than a half a mile from home. I will turn right around to get it. I will get that OMG feeling...gotta have it!! How in the world did we make it without our cell phones?

Same way with the garage door. I will second guess myself more often than not and many times have taken a trip around the block to make sure I closed it. Now THAT is a real fear, although I have not forgotten to close it a single time in 14 years. But that crazy fear is there. 

This one has got to be the craziest...Dead bugs...Dead spiders.  dead anything. The other day I saw a big waterbug laying on its back, deader than a door nail..I could not go closer than 3 feet. My husband had the honor of crating him off.  I got the heebie jeebies just knowing it was there waiting until he got home.  Now I know a dead bug can't hurt me, but it still freaks me out! 

So there you go, a few of my ridiculous freak out fears. Care to share? 


  1. a week or so ago there was a dead chipmunk outside my house. It freaked me out enough that instead of waiting for my husband to get home, I asked my friend's husband to get rid of it for me!

  2. Oh girl, that would send me running too! lol

  3. You are really going to laugh at this one. I have this thing about my drivers license being put in my wallet upside down. Don't ask me why, but it drives me nuts until I turn it right side up. I don't even like it when Charlie puts his in his wallet upside down!


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