Friday, December 13, 2013

Weigh In Friday

147 and A-Ok
Nothing has really changed weight wise but I am OK with that. I keep saying even if I don't lose another pound I am good. I feel good and I get compliments all the time. The best part is being able to sit down on the floor and pop back up without a problem. I seriously could not do that before - it just hurt too much. Also I find myself sitting cross legged in my recliner with my iPad on my lap - LOL - certainly couldn't do that before! I just feel better all the way around. 

This is the sister to the shirt I wore HERE so it is another one that was too tight across the chest last year - I looked like Dolly Pardon trying to wear it!

Holidays are upon us and food is all around at work. So far I have done really well! I haven't had any problem turning down the cookies and super rich snacks. I did have wassil one day this week with a big candy cane - today they are having hotdogs at work and I definitely won't have a problem turning that down! One more week of work before the winter break and I am sure the closer we get the more food that will show up. When you work at a school parents seem to want to bring in a lot of goodies this time of year. (very nice for those who aren't dieting!)


  1. You look great! It does feel good to get up and down from any position. Merry Christmas !

    1. Thank you! It sure does! I thought it was just age, didn't realize it was weight...LOL Merry Christmas to you!


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