Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cupcake (flavored) Toothpaste & Dental Floss

I just happen to go to church with a dentist and when I found out they had cupcake frosting flavored toothpaste, the kid in me had to try it. Not only did I get the toothpaste, but a whole sweet pouch of goodies! Cupcake dental floss, a new pink toothbrush and a pink "bean" for my toothbrush! All in a cute little zipper pouch. Super cool dentist! Unfortunately, they are not my dentist - I have been going to the same dentist for 15 years and she is close by, so I really don't want to change.
So - how does it taste? Like cupcake frosting! I have tried quite a few of the "kid"  flavored toothpastes and this has them all beat by far. As for the dental floss - I don't really taste anything, but it sure smells good. I usually use mint flavor and it is much stronger.
My new pink toothbrush is  an Oral B and that is what I have used for quite awhile, so I like it.  The beanie is pretty cute, too.

Pros - smells and tastes great! 
         too cute packaging!

Cons - no flouride listed on the toothpaste.
           no real flavor to the dental floss.

*I received no compensation for this posting. This is my personal opinion and experience of use.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I like the kit it looks cute. Taking care of our teeth is very important. So i visit my dentist in Toronto for dental checkups and cleaning.


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