Monday, February 3, 2014

Shutterfly - My Personal Review

I just have to brag on my experiences in the past couple of months with Shutterfly. They truly are amazing. My very first experience was a few years ago when I bought a new camera and a free offer came with it - a FREE picture book - and it came at the perfect time - I had just had an awesome summer with my grandangels and had several good pictures - so I was able to create a totally free book - and they did such a wonderful job. 

Since then I have used them for a couple of other smallish type photo remembrances, like my iPhone case, but for my husband's birthday this year - I decided to have one of the flannel photo blankets made for him. It was so easy to do the layout and get it just how I wanted it. I was a little worried for 2 reasons. 1. The estimated delivery date was WAY past his birthday - but I thought I could just get him something small and just give it to him late. 2. All of the photos that I used had a "warning" with them - that the quality of the photos were not that great. I decided to chance it. Believe it or not, I received that blanket in ONE WEEK after placing my order. 

I was so happy with it - that I decided to order one for my mom as a surprise with all her great grands - and I knew I would be going to Arkansas to see her one week from the time I ordered it - and Yes! I received it in time. This was with FREE shipping/handling. Again, beautifully done - and she loves it!

Now - Valentine's Day is upon us - and I try very hard to get my hubby unique gifts. I decided to check out Shutterfly once again  since they send me great deals via e-mail all the time - and this time I ordered an iPad case for hubby - and as usual, the delivery date they gave me was  4 - 6 weeks down the line - but with such great success with the other gifts, I decided I would chance it once again. They did not disappoint! Here we are at February 3rd and this morning I checked the status and it will be on my doorstep tomorrow! ONE week after making my order. You can not beat that! Plus, I received FREE S/H with a code AND 20% off. 

So here is the results - and I LOVE IT! I plan to put it on his iPad, wrap a bow around it and give it to him on Valentines Day. 

*This is my own opinion and I did not receive compensation of any kind from Shutterfly.

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