Friday, April 4, 2014

5 On Friday

Yea...It's Friday and I am sporting my new glasses! That is most certainly my biggest #1 of the week! I just got them yesterday. They are Vogue, progressive lens and I am so happy to see again! (I have been a contact wearer for over 30 years and after some serious eye issues, contacts are no longer an option for me)
2. We saw God's Not Dead - awesome awesome movie! I would see it again...and again...and needless to say I will be buying the DVD.
3. Our backyard landscaping has officially begun. We had five 30 - 40 foot palm trees removed this week and mucho dirt taken out of the backyard...2 full truck loads. Now they are getting it ready for grass and then a deck! So happy to be getting this done FINALLY!

4. Brad and I have made a "date night" at The Paint Pub later this month and this is going to be our painting. He will do one canvas and I will do the other and this is what we hope it looks like when complete. I have to say I was a little surprised that he agreed to it - but he is pretty sweet.
If you have never been - you should give it a try - I took my mom and granddaughters last summer and the I am also going with a group of friends next month.

5. I recently bought a new phone (Galaxy Note 2) and so I put my iphone 4s on ebay this week and within minutes it was sold! I have Brad's to list after we pick up his new phone tomorrow. Sprint offered me $158 for both iphones. I sold mine for $160 and see no reason his won't sell for that much as well.

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  1. The new glasses look sleek and chic! I hope you adjust well in wearing actual glasses again, after wearing contacts for so long. Your date night sounds new and fun. You sold your iPhone 4s for $160? Quite a profit huh? Haha! Anyway, kudos to you for getting that new phone, I hope you're having fun with it. Enjoy!

    Gene Sullivan @ ETech STL


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