Thursday, May 1, 2014

Little Rays Of Sunshine (after a day of darkness)

Since the tornado that destroyed much of Vilonia and Mayflower, Arkansas -Sunday, April 27)  my son's family have had little bits of happiness just falling all over them. It has been nothing short of amazing. This mug is just one of many of those happy moments. It was found on their property intact with only a tiny chip on the bottom. It is a photo of the whole family: Shane, Krissy, Alayna, Brooklyn and Lilly, taken about 4 years ago.

It is special for several reasons.
#1 there are few pictures with all 5 of them.
#2 my mother had it made several years ago for Christmas and one for me, as well.
#3 just the fact that it survived such a violent storm - a reminder of the strength of their family and they will be even stronger.
#4 with losing everything, finding any momento has become precious to them, reminders of what once was.

Then there is the bunny. A very nice lady found the bunny and took the time finding the owner which just happened to be my granddaughter, Lilly! She went as far as posting it on KARK4 NEWS
My daughter in law saw it and they have been reunited. She went above and beyond to get this bunny back to her. She posted it on 6 different sites and 2 news stations. She says her faith has changed forever. She and my daughter in law are now friends on Facebook. Neat story.

One of the neatest things have been all the pictures showing up - up to 150 miles away! Smithville, Pocahontas, Walnut Ridge, Batesville. Crazy but so exciting! People are being wonderful taking the time to post to the Arkansas Tornado Lost and Found and then promising to mail to owners.

So even though it has been a very tough and emotional week for them, they have found renewed faith in people, each other, but most importantly - in God. God is Good All The Time...All The time - God is Good!

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