Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Look Out - Another Blog Make Over

Dear Reader(s) I am not too presumptuous to think there are more than one or 2 of you left out there.
Seems my blog is about to go through a change once again. I know that it has gone through more than one make over since I began several years ago, but with me deep into my Dog Trainer/Instructor studies and taking part in several dog forums and facebook pages - I feel like my blog right now (as far as blog style) should reflect the things I am learning and would love to pass on. 
You may or may not know that I have another blog that is devoted to Opie, My American Bulldog - but that is HIS blog. This one will now be helpful tips, ideas I have come across, funny stories or may be even an Opie-ism now and then. 

So - if you are a dog lover, a true pet parent and want to hang with me to see where this goes - the more the merrier. If not, I understand and wish you well!

Merry Christmas!

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