Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Where Dogs Are Welcome

Did you know there are many places where dogs are welcome to join their human family on outings? 

Home Depot
Barnes & Noble
Bass Pro Shop
Pottery Barn 
Gander Mountain

Starbucks will give you a "puppachino" for you furbaby if you have them in the car with you in the drive through. This is a small cup of infused whipped cream. Opie LOVES them and it is a special treat. 

Places that have an outdoor area will also allow dogs - I have taken my dog to Sonic with no problems. 

*Before taking your dog to any of these locations, call first and make sure it is allowed in your area.

NOW - a little inside info for those who may not know this. ALL service dogs are allowed in ANY store or restaurant. Some states (including Texas where I reside) have a  law that states an employee of an establishment can ask if your dog is a service dog and they can ask what duties they perform and no more than that.  If you say yes to being a service dog, they are required to let your dog stay with you. You do not have to have a card, sign, tee shirt, anything special on the dog - because this would be discrimination and it would single you out with a disability. This includes establishments where there is food being served.

PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) would be an example of a disability that would not be readily noticeable. A service dog can perform the duties of calming their owner down in an event they should have an occasion to need it. So all disabilities are not recognizable to the average person.

ADA requirements regarding service dogs

Of course you wouldn't want to falsely take your dog and portray him as a service dog. That is not fair to the people who actually are disabled and it is just outright lying. More than likely it wouldn't take too long for a non service dog to be found out. Unless you have a dog that has almost perfect manners.

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