Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pet Insurance - To Have or Have Not

I never even thought of getting pet insurance until we adopted Opie.  I have had dogs all my life and I thought vet bills just came with the territory. I always had small dogs and never had any real issues that needed more than the standard visits with immunizations.

Then when we adopted Opie and started going to the dog park and to places where it was very likely he could get hurt - I starting worrying about potential vet bills. The very first time he got hurt at the pet resort just by playing too rough (pulled muscle) I realized this could get very costly! Large breeds dogs do everything in a big way - so it isn't if he gets hurt - it is when he gets hurt.

My neighbor across the street has a lab and he paid $3500. for a single operation for his dog - no insurance. A lady at the dog park told us about her dog breaking a leg running into the sand box playing - $6000 - no insurance. I knew that would be a real hardship on us if we had to deal with something like that.
So I did my research - (google is my BFF) and I found several pet insurance companies that were really affordable. We ended up going with Healthy Paws . You can get a quote on line and choose what is best for you and your dog or cat. I chose the best you can get and it is only $40 a month for Opie. It is auto deducted - and every claim is online. We already use Banfield Wellness Plan which is another good thing to have so ALL office visits are covered - immunizations are covered - so with this added pet insurance - after the deductible - we are set. I feel so much better now knowing that if/when something big does happen that would cost a lot of bucks - I can concentrate on my Opie instead of worrying how we will pay for it.

FAQ You can find out just about anything you need to know here. They are several comparisons on their website as well.

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