Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Raised Bowls vs Lower Bowls For Feeding

For large breed dogs, there is a condition called Bloat - that occurs when the stomach gets twisted and there seems to be different opinions on how this can occur. (this is a scary situation that can be deadly & what Marley had in the movie Marley & Me). Some say raised bowls can cause it and some say it can prevent it.

For my boy, Opie, I bought these 2 cute stools at Hobby Lobby and glued his bowls to them. They are the perfect height. I also bought the tray at Hobby Lobby. I love it because it catches any food he drops and it is an attractive piece. It has tiny half inch "legs" so it isn't laying flat on the floor. 
One thing I do know - The best type of bowls for feeding your pet are stainless steel. They are more sanitary than plastic and much easier to clean.
Personally, I feel the raised bowls are best for a large breed dog simply because it is easier on his neck and joints.

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