Friday, July 29, 2016

Reborns Sleeping Vs. Awake?

Ok - now that I have both sleeping babies and awake babies - I thought I would have a preference but really I don't. I like them both ways and for different reasons. 


  • they always seem like they are about to break out in a grin. 
  • they look really cute sitting up in a bouncer, crib or propped up on the bed.
  • they really make the face come alive
  • you can choose the color of eyes


  • they look so peaceful and angelic
  • they look really cute laying down or even sitting in the bouncer or carrier
  • you don't feel so guilty leaving them lying in the crib for hours on end (lol j/k)

So - I love them both sleeping and awake - I really enjoy making them both ways, too. 

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