Sunday, September 11, 2016

Letting Them Go

I have been asked many times now how do I let a reborn baby go after I make it? Well, sometimes it isn't easy - as will be the case with this one. I just love her. I think she looks like a little angel. Her hands and feet are just so cute. But, I guess knowing I can make whatever baby I want to for myself, helps me in letting them go. So far I have not had the desire to keep any that I have made - and as long as they keep selling, I guess I won't keep any. I have had some of them at least a couple of weeks before they sold, so I get a little "play time" with them. Plus I always have one or two as a "work in progress".

This baby girl will be finished tomorrow and up for adoption. I don't think she will take long to sell. She is just adorable!

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