Saturday, January 14, 2017

My First AA Reborn Baby

I finally completed my first African American reborn baby. I have to say this caused me quite a bit of stress - only because I am so hard on myself and I wanted her to be perfect. I didn't realize how much harder it was going to be to try to get a nice skin tone. I still am not sure how well I pulled it off. I just hope the adopter feels I did. I still have another to finish and it is of the same sculpt. I think she is going to come out a little bit lighter skin tone, tho.

I learned a lot and I think there are a few things I would try differently next time. 

Here she is next to Paisley - so you can see the difference in skin tones.

I don't have a really good camera and she really looks better in person. 

Here are the 2 together and they have gone to their new homes now.

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