Thursday, November 2, 2017

More Twins

Seems I have been asked to do a lot of twins lately! They are so much fun to do - there are quite a few twin kits out there but the ones I have been doing are the same kits x 2. I have quite a few of the actual twin kits in my stash, but so far I have just been doing doubles. (Which is fine).

 My newest set of Natalie twins - being adopted as twin boys:

Set of Maddox twins - these are anatomically correct boys - 

This set of Gena twins  - boy and girl

My first set of Avery AA Twins - both girls

and my very first set of twins - which I made for my mom from the Jewel kit. Also boy and girl

I really do enjoy doing them as sets of twins. Maybe one of these days I will make a set of triplets!!

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