Monday, April 2, 2018

Nursery Furniture - What A Bargain!

I had been looking for a white dresser for the reborn nursery and could not find a decent one under $300. I looked at flea markets, online varage sales and garage sales. If I found one I liked, it was already sold. I was about to give up and just buy one from IKEA or one of those cheapie websites. 

Someone advertised a white dresser, tall boy, nightstand, desk with hutch and chair for $400 and I really liked it but I didn't need all the furniture - I got in touch with them and they would not separate the pieces (I guess they thought they would miss one another?) Anyway - I passed on it - and then noticed they lowered the price to $375 and then $350 and then $325. They could not get any interest because they would not sell the bed that was also showing in the photos - nor would they separate. The seller says that they bought it all at Sears and had only had it a few months in a spare bedroom that no ones uses so they decided to turn it in a game room and no longer needed the furniture - it is in excellent condition. 

I kept my eye on it, tho. Then they lowered it all down to $275 and I thought to myself - why not have all the furniture?? Why not, indeed! I bought it  --- every piece. I love it. I have so many baby clothes and my closet is always totally full. That was the reason for wanting a dresser - but now I have plenty of drawer space - and it is just wonderful! 

Looks great, too!

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