Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Young and Restless

I love Y and R. I take my lunch hour from 11 - 12 and that is my time to sit and chill for that one hour and indulge in daytime's #1 soap. Everyone knows not to call me during this time because I will not answer my phone. If I do have to miss an episode, then I watch it as soon as it is posted to the cbs website or YouTube. Thank goodness!!! Before they began running full episodes, nothing put me in a bad mood faster than a missed show. (lol) In the summertime, I am off work since I am a school district employee and I love that I can watch my show every day and no rushing to get to it or get back to work.

I would love to be an actress on Young and Restless. If I could choose who I would play it would be Phyllis Summer Newman. She is a controverial character, always in trouble, always saying things she shouldn't say, but she is a class act. She wears gorgeous clothes and I think she would be easy to play.I have to admit I have never been a Phick fan, tho. I am so ready for the relationship between her and Nick to end so he can get back to Sharon where he belongs.

My love to hate character is Adam Newman aka Adam Wilson. I love him and I love Michael Mulney who plays him. How in the world will they ever be able to redeem Adam?? He has renewed his contract, so they have to be up to something mighty big!! :-)

My Least Favorite Character? hmmmmmm
Right now, I just don't like Neil Winters too much. He always comes off self righteous and I have just never been a fan anyway. I liked him a little better when Dru was still alive.

My Favorite New Character:
Abby Newman - she is so feisty! I love her and she is adorable. She has the most expressive eyes and she is a scene stealer, for sure!

I am also a member of Soap Central so I go to the boards daily and love to chat about the days episodes and what we think is going to happen and what we think SHOULD happen.

There are a lot of good story lines going on right now and one or 2 that I could do without, but I will watch it every day as long as it remains on the air. The soaps are becoming a dying breed, but I think Y and R will be around a long time to come!

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