Friday, October 15, 2010

I am an EBAY Addict

They say admitting it is the first step...
I am an Addict! There, I said it...I am an addict. I love ebay. I love bidding and winning. I love looking for that one item that is coveted by so many but so hard to find, finding it on ebay and then getting in that last minute bid that puts it over the edge and makes ME the winner. Not only that, I love selling! I love watching people go to war on one of my items and battle it out to the last second. What a rush!! They say that admitting your an addict is the first step.Well...I don't even think I want help! I love ebaying!
My friends know I am an addict and they are enablers. They are always asking me to be on the look out for a certain item or giving me a $ amount and asking me to bid on something specific for them. A couple of years ago I had one friend who needed weather radios for 3 of her grandchildren and wanted to pay me for doing the ebaying for her. I knew that one was going to be a piece of cake and had all 3 in one day. Of course I refused to take pay but she did buy me a very nice gift as a thank you.
Right now I have the go ahead for a $200 limit for one item that a friend is wanting for her daughter. I'm looking! :-) It is just as much fun doing the ebaying for someone else as it is for me. The thrill is in the kill - or in this case - being the W I N N E R!
The other part of the thrill is having all those boxes delivered to my door step. It is like Christmas everyday! The anticipation of pulling into my driveway and craning my neck at first glimpse of my front porch to see if there is a package waiting or racing to my mailbox to see what items might be crammed in there. I am sure my mailman (woman?) is wondering what in the world I am up to with all the plain brown wrapped packages that stop at my address! I do identify all the packages that I send out. I made my own labels with the logo you see here on this post. I don't know, it makes me feel better for some reason! So much "package traffic" coming out of my place, I don't want the post office to think something fishy is going on...LOL Just kidding - they know I am an addict, too. ;-) - they sympathize.

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