Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nail Art - Again! Round 3 - Barbie Nails

I am calling this my "Barbie Nails"...I love hot pink and black together...the silver just sets it off.
I know, I still need to get the tape so my lines can be straight. I will, I will! :-)

You know what my biggest problem is? Forgetting to go to the bathroom or take my invisaligns out so I can eat something BEFORE I start polishing them!!! It never fails, as soon as I get about half way done I realize I should have "gone" beforehand! lol Or I suddenly get a craving for chips or ice cream and have to take my invisaligns out to eat anything at all. I use the Fast Finish topcoat but it is still so easy to mess them up until they have had a really good chance to dry all the way through.

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