Monday, December 27, 2010

My Christmas Nails

I wanted to post a pic of my nails before I remove the polish. It is 2 days after Christmas and I almost forgot!

Anywho, here they are...just red, green and glitter gold with a clear topcoat.
I know a lot of people don't like to use glitter polish just because it is the hardest to take off. There IS a trick to simple. All you need is aluminum foil, nail polish remover and cottonballs. I take one cotton ball and half it and put the polish remover on it, lay it on a nail and then take a piece of foil and wrap around the nail. Do this for all 10 nails. Leave on 5 minutes, slide the foil off along with the cotton and there won't be a bit of glitter left on. Love it!

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