Sunday, January 2, 2011

Scrapbooking - My New Year's Resolution

For my 2011 New Year's Resolution I decided I was going to start scrapbooking! I never had an interest because any time I do anything I do it full force to the point of obsession. Well, I just spent the last 4 days sorting through photos...album after album - now I have 6 full photo boxes and need a couple more! I went to Hobby Lobby 3 times in one week! (Thank goodness they have 1/2 price on scrapbooking materials!) I bought 3 scrapbooks, tons of refills/ telling how many packs of stickers, ribbon, silk flowers, etc. I bought tons of paper, cardstock, 12 x 12 and the smaller sizes, too. I have glue dots, foam stickers, double sided tape, glue sticks...sooooooooo I decided today I would do my first page. Just as I suspected - the obsession has begun....I completed 3 pages tonight and I don't want to stop but I have to!

Ok, remember these are my beginning pages...hopefully I will improve...but I think these turned out pretty good.

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