Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Official Scrapbooking Monster has Arrived!!

Oh one big reason for never getting into scrapbooking was because I always heard you would need a room in your house dedicated for scrapbooking. Every one I ever knew who was really involved ( I mean REALLY involved - going to swaps, parties, weekend scrapbooking events, etc) says that if you scrapbook, it will take over your house otherwise. You will have ribbon, stickers, cardstock, etc. strolled all over the place. Hmmm...I can see that happening! I have only been scrapping for 21 days now. I started out ONLY in the spare bedroom/sewing room and planned to keep it contained. Then I sort of decided to sit at my computer desk and work on a few pages in our computer room. Then I ventured out to the kitchen so I could spread things out a little more on the table...see where I am going with this? 21 days!!! A monster has been created! I am constantly (it seems) picking up tiny backs of self adhesive squares from the carpet, cleaning up punch out pieces and finding embellishments here and there, (how they made it to the garage is beyond me!) Right now you can't even SEE my sewing machine. We have a queen size bed in that room and it is usually adorned with all my pretties by day, easier to see what is needed that way, ya know! I do pick it all up when I am done for the night and all goes back to their nice big containers. I am very organized, after all. I made it my own rule to only scrapbook on the I have broken my own rule and have included Thursday nights...but I am stopping there (I think) Yes, I am, for sure. (I think)

Here are a few more of my pages completed. I do love scrapping!!

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